Snapshot Gmail labels with the new version 1.9!

We are very glad to release the most requested feature from our community: the Snapshots of the Gmail labels.

We followed your suggestions and requests about BackUp Gmail. Many users asked for a feature to create instantly a backup of a Gmail labels. Many users need to remove old emails from the Gmail server but keeping them in a local copy. Some other prefer to create a secure local copy every year just to keep trace of them. So we worked a lot, putting all together and we can say that all you need is the new Snapshots feature!

You can find it in the Utility window, have a look:

backup gmail, the new snapshots feature

As you can see the window shows to you the complete list of your Gmail labels. We keep them stored in the DB (by the backup procedure) so BackUp Gmail can clone them locally. You can select them recursively following the path (in Gmail you can create nested folder). Then click on the Snapshot button and you will find the snapshot of the selected folder (with the nested children, if they exist) in your backup folder:

Schermata 2014-07-09 alle 16.36.35

It creates a new subfolder label_date-time inside the new Snapshots main folder, so you can keep more snapshots in the same folder. The procedure works locally (it is faster) so if you want a really snapshot of a Gmail label do not forget to create a backup before starting!

Update procedure on the new version 1.9

When you will open the new version for the first time it needs to update your database. Please, let it finish. This update move your “old” backup in new folders (in the Filestore) that use the complete email address (in the previous versions we called them just with the user, removing all after the @).



Enable the logs

You can enable the standard logs in the Preferences -> Advanced:



Enable the “Debug mode logging” for the verbose version of the logs. For the most verbose level of the logs you have to enable the IMAP transactions logs but be careful: it can quickly fill your memory (it creates a lot of data).

To See the standard Logs

Open the Utility -> Logs window, they will browse in that window:


Before closing it remember to disable the Logs in Preferences otherwise it will go ahead to store data in that box.

To See the Console Errors

Sometimes an App can crash and we need to understand what happened before helping you. You should see the logs in the OSX Console, copy it and send them to us.

Open it (Application -> Utility -> Console) and look for the BackUp Gmail lines:

New log window (Utility)

We will add a new window for the Restore procedure: Utility.
You will be able to open it directly from the Status bar menu. The Main feature will be the Restore procedure but we are working even on a new tab to catch log messages. So you can check the backups and restore messages.


New FileStore sub-folders structure

We are working hard on the new release 1.3.
We always try to keep in mind the simplicity. Now the FileStore is not easy to browse, all emails are in the same folder. We are working on a new Sub-Folder structure that allow users to browse emails by subfolders years, months, etc.

The folders will be nested in any email account folder (yes, we are even working on multi-accounts!). Then they will be organized by a simple path: year/month. And then, inside any folder, you can find the emails of that period.

In short, in your Backup folder (selected in the Preferences), you will have something like this:

So you can browse your emails better than now.

Backup multiple Gmail accounts

A lot of people asked to us this feature: manage Multiple Gmail accounts.
We call out now that this feature will be available in the next release 1.3!
Probably you will be able to add accounts in a similar window:

Insert Email and Password, click on Check availability and the new account will be ready for backup your accounts!