Gmail problems! Make a backup.


Yesterday Gmail had problems that affected a significant subset of users. The Gmail team worked long time (about 9 hours) to restore the service. In this period a lot of people was not able to connect to Gmail servers and to read their emails.

Fortunately our users can make a periodic backup and read emails offline. We are very happy to help them in this contexts.

Satisfaction from the App Store

Sometimes the Mac App Store feedbacks are very frustrating because some users do not accept the problems related to their environments and they think that the App does not work properly. We are developers and we can only read, we cannot reply directly to understand what really happens. Apple does not provide the possibility to reply, publicly and privately. I think this should be changed!

For this reason, when I receive feedback like this, I’m very glad.

Thanks bdspvl from USA

Needs 5 stars! – I saw this program in the app store and was almost not going to buy it because of the negitive comments. But since I run a Mac Mini as my #1 computer and my Gmail account is filled up, I decided to give it a try. I must say the setup is so simple to use and the running in background is using the advantage of a Mac, there is nothing to do once it is set up! As for backup size, if you have 10 gigs of Gmail space used, you will have about the same on the saved backup. I highly recommend this software if you have a Mac and as a former Windows user with Gmail Backups, you can’t beat the price. One suggestion is it would be really nice to have a built in viewer of the backup emails. I give this 5 stars!