Snapshot Gmail labels with the new version 1.9!

We are very glad to release the most requested feature from our community: the Snapshots of the Gmail labels.

We followed your suggestions and requests about BackUp Gmail. Many users asked for a feature to create instantly a backup of a Gmail labels. Many users need to remove old emails from the Gmail server but keeping them in a local copy. Some other prefer to create a secure local copy every year just to keep trace of them. So we worked a lot, putting all together and we can say that all you need is the new Snapshots feature!

You can find it in the Utility window, have a look:

backup gmail, the new snapshots feature

As you can see the window shows to you the complete list of your Gmail labels. We keep them stored in the DB (by the backup procedure) so BackUp Gmail can clone them locally. You can select them recursively following the path (in Gmail you can create nested folder). Then click on the Snapshot button and you will find the snapshot of the selected folder (with the nested children, if they exist) in your backup folder:

Schermata 2014-07-09 alle 16.36.35

It creates a new subfolder label_date-time inside the new Snapshots main folder, so you can keep more snapshots in the same folder. The procedure works locally (it is faster) so if you want a really snapshot of a Gmail label do not forget to create a backup before starting!

Update procedure on the new version 1.9

When you will open the new version for the first time it needs to update your database. Please, let it finish. This update move your “old” backup in new folders (in the Filestore) that use the complete email address (in the previous versions we called them just with the user, removing all after the @).



BackUp Gmail 1.8 is online!

In this new release we worked primarily on the stability.

Our App, as many people ask us, has to be stable, very stable. The people wants to forget it, like every backup procedure. And we wish to provide this service.
At the same time, Gmail improves often the functionalities of his service and we have to keep our App up-to-date constantly.

What’s New in Version 1.8

These are the news:

  • Improved alert on some common errors (AllMail folder, IMAP enabled, etc)
  • Improved performance and stability on the backup procedure
  • Added new button “Open Backup Folder in Finder” in Preferences/Folder
  • Updated IMAP library
  • Bugfixes

BackUp Gmail 1.7 is online!

We improved the stability of BackUp Gmail with a new notification system that checks if the “Internet connection” is available and the Gmail server is ready. So we have could add the new “Cancel backup” to stop it when it is in progress.
We worked finally to create an enhanced log system to help users that have a problem using the App. Now, in a very low level, it can log even the “IMAP traffic“.

What’s New in this Version?

  • Now you can Stop the backup procedure when it is in progress
  • Added the “Launch at Startup” feature (you can set it in Preferences)
  • Enhanced log system (Enable/Disable, Debug mode, IMAP traffic)
  • BugFix on “No internet connection available

Download it just now!

New version 1.6 is online!

It is available on the App Store!

The main new feature is the Restore. We worked hard to create a stable procedure with resume feature. When you restore an account if some error occurs you can restart it from the last email correctly restored, not from scratch. It is very important because the restore requires an upload transaction and you could easy lose connection with server, your internet connectivity, etc.

It was a hard work even because we updated all the libraries included. We fixed some bugs and memory leaks to create a more stable App.

What’s New in this Version?

  • Restore procedure (with resume feature, logs and check activity)
  • Added window Logs in Utility
  • Improved error messages
  • BugFix: enabled shortcuts in Preferences (Copy, Paste, Cut and Undo)
  • BugFix: check email with Zero Size from Gmail
  • Fix problems with INBOX folder name in non-English usage
  • Improved backup performance
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • others BugFixes

Special thanks to Charles Molloy for corrections on translations.

Crash on Lion OSX (10.7.5)

Sorry, the new App 1.3 crashes on Lion and previous versions but we are working hard to fix it!
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update 22/11/2012

We finally fixed the App and we sent it to the App Store. Now we are waiting for the Apple’s approval. We hope that you will be able to download it as soon as possible!
Sorry for the discomfort caused.

Update 27/11/2012

Just now Apple has accepted our request for an expedited review!
Probably it will be released in some hours. 

Update 28/11/2012

The bug still exists on Lion 10.7.5 and previous versions.
We will release another update short.
Again sorry for the discomfort caused.

Update 30/11/2012

Fixed it!
We sent the new version to Apple and asked for a new expedited review.
We hope to see your App fixed as soon as possible.

BackUp Gmail release 1.2 is online!

Our release 1.2 is online!
We are sorry for the late but we had to update the code to adapt the App to the new Sandbox features. Now you can select the backup Folder according to the guidelines recommended by Apple. The new Backup location Folder in the Preferences look like:


Click on Set Backup Folder to select it.

What’s New in this Version:

  • Bug fix: set READ flag on Unread messages when creates backup
  • Performance improvements
  • Added the “Create a New Folder” feature directly from the window in the Folder preference
  • Added check to settings in Preferences (look at the picture below)

Now if you try to run “Make backup now“, before to set the Account data and Backup Folder, will appear this alert:


New release 1.1

Some users sent us emails with a simple “Error logging into account” in Availabity test. Find a solution without detailed info for any kind of problem was very difficult, so we added a new feature in the test. Now the response is more detailed and, in some particular cases, will show you a code. Please, send us the number code if you have a problem:

This is the “simple” update for the release 1.1


Now available on the Mac App Store!

Gmail Backup logo
Gmail Backup logo (ver. 1.0)

BackUp Gmail is now available on the Mac App Store!

Our app can be purchased at a special promotional price of only $1,99 US.  This special offer will last just a few months, so hurry up and get it while you can.

This first release (ver 1.0) includes the following features:

  • All operations run in the background
  • Personalized folders and backup scheduling (including an option for hourly backups)
  • Saving relationship between Gmail folders and emails (only one copy of emails is stored locally)


Gmail Backup is almost born

BackUp Gmail logo

We are almost ready!
The development has lasted more than expected because we want to implement the relationships from emails to labels (how Gmail intends them). In the document of the Gmail IMAP Extensions, about “Access to Gmail labels“, we can read:

Gmail treats labels as folders for the purposes of IMAP. As such, labels can be modified using the standard IMAP commands that act on folders.

Gmail provides a unique message ID for each email so that a unique message may be identified across multiple folders. For our backup will be the same!
We have created a DB to store relationships while the emails will be stored each one in a single file.