Getting started

BackUp Gmail creates a local backup of your Gmail account(s). After installing it you will find a new icon in your Status bar (near the clock):


Before starting a new backup you need to configure your account credentials and set a folder where the backup will be stored in. To do it open the Preferences window:


The Preferences window has 3 tabs: Accounts, Folder and Schedule.

1. Add your credentials account

Click on “Accounts” tab and add your first account to backup. At the bottom of the window you will find the “Add New Account” box. Insert your Email and Password and click “Check availability“. The App will try to login into your Gmail account to verify credentials. If they are valid you will receive a confirm by pop window. If some error occurs you will receive an alert (look for more information in the Console log).

After validating your credentials data will be added in the Accounts table (look at the image below). Your password is safe, it will be saved in the “Application Support” directory protected by the Apple OSX Sandbox system.


2. Set your Backup folder

To set the Backup folder click on the “Folder” tab and then click on “Set Backup Folder” button. It opens a new window where you can select a folder (or create a new one if you need). After selecting it click on “Select” button (in bottom right corner).
The selected folder will be shown to you in the box (look at the image below).


3. Create the first Backup

Now you are ready to create the first backup. Open the menu in the Status bar and click on “Make backup now“. If you keep opened the menu you can follow the steps by a text progress bar.
The first backup can take a long time, depends on the size of your Gmail account. Some error can occur and it will be stopped (lost connection, gmail server timeout, etc) but don’t worry about it and restart the Backup again. It is incremental and every time restart from the last email correctly saved (we keep all the informations in a DB). When it is finished you can view the log of the last backup in the Status bar.

4. Schedule your backups

To close the initial setup you need to schedule your backup for the next times. Click on the “Schedule” tab and choose for a “Hourly” backup or “Set a time” for a “Daily” backup.
Now, as we love to say, forget about it!