To start a Restore procedure open the Status bar menu and open the “Utility” window:


In this new window you have to select “Which account do you need to restore?“. It shows a combo with all your accounts backed up. Select one of them.
Then you need to “Set email and password of your new account“, insert your credentials (email and password) before starting.

Done, now you are ready to start clicking on “Restore now!” button.


At the bottom of the window you will see a simple log that notify you the “Restore status“.
Ex: “Restoring 66 messages to

If you look for more information about the operation in progress you can open the tab “Logs” (top right of the Utility window), so you can see a verbose log:



Resume a Restore procedure

During the Restore process it could be interrupted (for many reason: lost connection, timeout Gmail server, etc). We created a Resume function that allow you to restart from the last email correctly restored. If some error occurs you can open the Utility window again and then click on the new button “Resume now” that will appear on the bottom of the window.