Gmail problems! Make a backup.


Yesterday Gmail had problems that affected a significant subset of users. The Gmail team worked long time (about 9 hours) to restore the service. In this period a lot of people was not able to connect to Gmail servers and to read their emails.

Fortunately our users can make a periodic backup and read emails offline. We are very happy to help them in this contexts.

Gmail went down! Did you have a backup?

Gmail went down again yesterday, it can happen.
(read the article on Techcrunch: Gmail And Google+ Go Down Across The World, Service Returns After Roughly 50 Minutes)

But what about your emails if you use it for work?
Sure, everybody can survive for more than 50 minutes without emails but the real big problem could be the data lost as it happened a few years ago.
Backup your Gmail account and sleep quiet! 😉

Gmail goes down and Chrome crashes

Gmail go down

Some people said to us that our App is useless because the browser Chrome allows you to create a backup of your emails. We always thought instead Chrome is too related to Google and the last week we got the confirmed!

On the 6th December 2012 Gmail went down and Google Chrome browser crashes for users that are signed in!

Our App would have given to you the opportunity to browse your backup offline in severals way, search emails by Spotlight and view by Preview.


Gmail went down! Got the Error 500.

Gmail goes down!
Read here the Google Mail Service Details.
Approximately 5,3 million users (2%) across the world were left without email access yesterday (4/17/11). Read on DailyMail about some customers who were unable to read, send or receive emails between 12.42pm and 1.46pm EST on Tuesday.

Prior to April 17, Gmail has been down only once in the last three years and seven times since it went general issue on Feb. 7, 2007. On Feb. 27 and 28, 2011, Gmail users after signing in found their Gmail inbox contact files empty. About 1.5 million users were affected by that one. There were four outages in 2009, all fairly brief, and one in 2008.