Gmail Backup is almost born

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We are almost ready!
The development has lasted more than expected because we want to implement the relationships from emails to labels (how Gmail intends them). In the document of the Gmail IMAP Extensions, about “Access to Gmail labels“, we can read:

Gmail treats labels as folders for the purposes of IMAP. As such, labels can be modified using the standard IMAP commands that act on folders.

Gmail provides a unique message ID for each email so that a unique message may be identified across multiple folders. For our backup will be the same!
We have created a DB to store relationships while the emails will be stored each one in a single file.

How and why we are working on Gmail Backup

February 27, 2011 was a Black Sunday for all Gmail users and lovers like me.  Some Gmail accounts lost everything: messages, address books, contacts, etc.  0.08% of all total users (according to Google’s official version) had problems.

I was lucky enough not to be among them, but the event was enough for me to lose the blind faith that I had in Gmail.  And so I began to start thinking about solutions to the problem of creating an incremental backup for Gmail that would be lightweight but effective.

That’s how I got started with analyzing the problem, starting with Gmail IMAP Extensions.  Their IMAP extensions have all the functions and properties needed to obtain a backup that can guarantee complete restoration of all data (folders, threads, etc).  I wanted a lightweight, silent, reliable app, something that worked in the background in classic Mac style, “like the Time Machine“.  Something simple to configure, without shell commands or cronjobs to set-up, and with the principle that once you’ve installed it, you can forget about it.

That’s how BackUp Gmail first took shape in my mind …